Modern Inspection and Testing Company Limited is located at Twiga Street, Plot # 318, House No. 14 Chang’ombe “B” near Serengeti Breweries, Temeke Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

Modern Inspection and Testing Company Limited (MITCL), is a newly registered Company deal with Cargo Inspection (Quantity and Quality) with registration No. 141016 of 02nd May, 2018. Modern Inspection and Testing Company Ltd has a testing laboratories deal with quality of various petroleum products (such as Gasoil, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Lubricant Oil, Jet A-1, IK, IDO etc. including Sampling, Trial laboratory blend and Doping services) and also testing various Agriculture products.


Modern Inspection and Testing Company Limited (MITCL) has the capability to perform tests/analysis of various petroleum, petrochemical and agriculture products. This is being performed through its owned purchased new equipment’s.

We are committed to quality

We committed to provide better service to our clients with low cost through our experienced personnel who has been working in the Petroleum and agricultural industry (laboratories) with international organizations for more than ten years.

Future plan

Modern Inspection and Testing Company Limited will ensure that the laboratory section have ISO/IEC 17025 accredited full-fledged laboratory with capability on testing and analysis, and be able to compete locally and international through its better services in building the economy of our country.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to ensure better service are provided at reasonable cost, and promote awareness among clients the need for testing and analysis within turnaround time for better products confidence.

Description of Services/Product Description

Modern Inspection and Testing Company Limited will ensure that cargo inspection services are provided to our clients and issuance of final products (reports) for the activities begins performed. The inspection activities will cover shores /ships tanks, verification of quantity before/during/after loading/discharge of cargo, verification of storage cargo in warehouses/godowns, stuffing, de-stuffing, etc. The activities will cover both dry and wet cargo (Agricultural/Petroleum) products.

Modern Inspection and Testing Company Limited will ensure the laboratory services are provided and this is being supported with the availability of equipment’s. The service will be performed within specified turnaround time with issuance of our final product reports (certificate of analysis).

Our History

Modern Inspection has done research before starting officially registers the company. Market demand forced Modern Inspection to know that there is a need to establish local inspection company to cater the problem of testing and analysis. We expect and believe that through good service and with low cost will serve our esteemed customer and income will be generated.

The composition and organization of the team that will be fully involved in the running and management of the Laboratory Services and Inspection for have experienced of working for more than ten years.